Acupuncture For Weight Loss And Weight Control

  • Weight loss acupuncture, as provided by Pokey Practice Acupuncture, is not just about weight loss or being thin.
  • Acupuncture for weight loss is about finding you balance and having a healthy appetite for all things in life.
  • Everything we do to our bodies has a result on the entire person; body, mind and spirit.
  • If one works to suppress their appetite for food, this will also translate on some level, mentaly, emotionally and spiritually.
  • At Pokey Practice Acupuncture we want you to have a healthy hunger for life and enjoyment with everything you take in from you environment, just not food.


At Pokey Practice Acupuncture we work to facilitate healing from the inside out

through energy clearing, connecting to source and grounding.

  • This is usually achieved by 2 initial clearings, followed by weekly treatment for four to six weeks.
  • Weekly treatment is recommended before beginning acupuncture specifically for weight loss because we are trying to teach you’re your body to heal itself by reforming healthy energetic habits.
  • Once this is accomplished we are happy to facilitate “meeting in the middle.”
  • Regular acupuncture treatments will help you loose and maintain your weight.
  • By facilitating “meeting in the middle” we are able to assist you in meeting your health and fitness goals more quickly.
  • For various reasons overtime our energy changes.
  • It may do a number of different things, sometimes it goes up or down, gets a little junked up or reroutes.
  • When this happen, many times we get something you’ll hear us refer to as stagnation.
  • When stagnation happens things start to break down.
  • Some of the most common symptoms we see in our practice relating to stagnation include: weakness, pain, lethargy, water retention and weight gain.
  • Through the use of very superficial needles, we work to assist in facilitating the movement of energy that is no longer serving the purpose for which your body had intended.
  • Because we are working to reestablish your own individual energy system, weight loss acupuncture works great to help assist many underlying issues as well, ranging from autoimmune disorders, adhesions from abdominal surgeries and adrenal fatigue.
  • Schedule yourself a free 30 minute acupuncture consultation to see if Classical Five-Element Acupuncture and acupuncture for weight loss might be right for you.