Pokey Practice Acupuncture Clinic Office Policy

Commitment To Fostering A Safe Healing Enviorment For All

  • Pokey Practice Acupuncture is committed to providing a safe place for healing to all.
  • We strive to create nutruring, loving and accepting environment for all.
  • In order to heal we need to feel safe exploring ourselves and our vulnerabilities body, mind and spirit.
  • In order to foster this healing Pokey Practice Acupuncture has a zero tolerance intimidation, harassment and discrimination policy.


A Place For Expression, Exploration And Discovery

  • Ideas may be expressed and explored, however, if they become aggressive toward any person or group of people for any reason they will not be condoned.
  • This is especially true in cases where aggression or mistreatment is due to an individuals sex, gender identification, sexual orientation, age, creed, social status, ethnicity or race.
  • None of these behaviors will be tolerated or excused.
  • All behaviors and situations being deemed acceptable and unacceptable are at the discretion of Pokey Practice Acupuncture and/or it's contractors or partners.
  • Any aggression, intimidation, threats or negative, low vibrating energy in general will constitute and immediate removal from the premises of Pokey Practice Acupuncture.
  • Depending on the circumstance and nature to behavior that prompted removal, a person may be banned from the premises and considered a criminal trespasser if returning to Pokey Practice Acupuncture's Clinic, any other office space they or a partner holds.
  • This is to include offsite activities and community outreach programs.

Violaters And Offenders Will Be Subject To Dismissal And Or Charges

  • Any of these behaviors mentioned will be construed as disruption of the peace and local law enforcement will be notified.
  • Any violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • Pokey Practice Acupuncture reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason.
  • Pokey Practice Acupuncture, it's staff, contractors and partners may do this at anytime and is under no obligation to give reason or explanation for service refusal or termination of its services.