Pediatric Acupuncture

Broomfield pediatic acupuncture servicing the North Denver Metro Area.

Broomfield needleless acupuncture | Body, mind, spirit healing for children.

Broomfield Acupuncture for kids offering healing from within.

North Denver pediatric acupuncture | Grounding, clearing and balancing.

  • At Pokey Practice Acupuncture we believe a balanced family has a better chance of being a happy one!
  • That's why we happily offer acupuncture to children, as well as adults!

When I talk to parents about the benefits of acupuncture in children, the first words out of their mouths are usually, how are you going to get my child to sit still, let alone put needles in them?

The catch is, I'm not!

Acupuncture for children helping to bring balance on all levels.

Offering Broomfield needleless acupuncture for children.

  • The Cardinal Rule of Healing: Have fun!!
  • You will probably watch me play in a sandbox, chase your child around my office and wrestle with them a little while I am actually treating them.
  • I most likely will not be using needles!
  • In most cases a child's energy moves much more easily then an adults.
  • For this reason they do not usually require needles and require fewer acupuncture points.
  • I am able to do this by utilizing the meridian system employing a Japanese style of needleless acupuncture called Shoni-Shin.


Find out if your child is a potential candidate for acupuncture or could benefit from receiving acupuncture.

Schedule a free 30 minute consultation for Broomfield pediatric acupuncture.

  • Any patient that walks, or is carried, into my office is in charge of their own body and the choice of wheather or not to receive acupuncture treatment.
  • This means when a child comes in for acupuncture, needleless or otherwise, it is important that the child willingly consents, and is not forced or held.
  • Energy moves much more easily when we are not in resistance.  
  • Everyone: myself, the parent and child must be in agreement on treatment.
  • Acupuncture by nature, helps restore nature. It helps to balance us and center us in "our" identity.
  • Please be ready for a child that may be more expressive than what be considered normal.
  • Most Children up to age 14 may be treated with needleless acupuncture. I am even able to treat some adults with this technique!
  • There are cases of more established illness where an adolescent may need to have needles used.
  • In the uncommon cases of needles being necessary, the child will be booked as an adult to receive acupuncture.

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The following fee schedule is discounted for private pay pediatric acupuncture.

We accept most major health insurance carriers. Click on the box to verify eligibility and benefits.

Broomfield Pediatric Acupuncture

$20 ~ $38 /Pediatric Acupuncture Treatment

Pediatric Acupuncture Cost:

  • Individual Session Pediatric Acupuncture: $38
  • Community Pediatric Acupuncture: $20
  • Please note that clearings and more complicated cases must be booked as an adult individual acupuncture session.