Acupuncture As An Approach To Healing

Finding balance through Body, Mind, Spirit Acupuncture

Facilitating the reconnection to your authentic self, essence and source

We facilitate the restoration of balance and the bringing of individuals back to their authentic self through Classical Five-Element Acupuncture energy healing, flower essence, Traditional Chinese Medicine, cosmetic facial acupuncture and spiritual healing in a supportive, safe and protective environment.  Our specialties are, but skills not limited to: psyche, emotional, pediatric, physical, spiritual, weight loss, fertility and cosmetic acupuncture.  We currently offer theses healing opportunities through private acupuncture treatments, community acupuncture sessions and fusion yoga.

Classical Five-Element Acupuncture facilitating comprehensive healing from within

Energic healing practices, clearings, fortification and grounding to facilitate the healing of imbalance on all levels

imageClassical Five-Element Acupuncture looks at the body, mind and spirit through the five elements as seen in nature. This allows us to assess the health of the entire person, naturally supporting balance in the body on all levels. This promotes healing and foundational reinforcement from within, not just a muting of current symptoms. We use Traditional Chinese Medicine as an assist to full body balancing through the different uses of point energetics and diagnosis.

By diagnosing obstructions, fractures and congestion in your body's energy, as well as your protective field, we assist you in your path to balance.  This is done by helping facilitate the movement of energetic blocks, areas of stagnation, as well as mending energetic breaches. This stabilizing is also helpful in bringing awareness to potential obstacles you may not yet have noticed. Uncovering these areas of concern allows us the possiblity of haulting issues before they are able to physically manifest. Following these dysfunctions also helps us to see what you are trying to achieve on a higher level and to make sure that you are being met where you are at present, guiding us as we work to facilitate you achieving your goals on all levels.

Healing with acupuncture involves so much more than just acupuncture

Utilizing all methods withIn our disipline, we are able to individualize your healing, bringing forth excellent results inside & out

imageFlower essences and essential oils are a wonderful enhancement to a treatment. Each point has a "spirit" or "personality" to it, just as every flower or oil does. These can assist in keeping the energetic movement of a treatment going or give just a little nudge when needed in place of a needle. I like to think of these as specialty tools. Just like using the finishing hammer as opposed to the mallet, each tool has it's use in the correct circumstances. Just as you are not a one size fits all person, this is not one size fits all medicine.

After you feel that you have found balance in your life and within yourself, Mei Zen Cosmetic facial acupuncture is a wonderful addition. Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture is about being beautiful inside and out. This style of acupuncture also strives to maintain harmony and balance in the body and complements my beliefs and theories on balancing the body, mind and spirit beautifully. I think of Mei Zen as the perfect reward for taking care of ourselves on all levels. Mei Zen Cosmetic acupuncture is used to reduce lines and tighten skin on the face, neck and abdomen, as well as promote a state of balance and well being.