Acupuncture Do's And Don'ts

On The Day Of Each Appointment DO:

  • Water, water, water!!! That's not just on days of treatment, that's every day.
  • Water helps keep everything flowing and is one of your greatest allies in healing yourself.
  • Almost everyone should drink at least half of their body weight in ounces of water a day.
  • The only exceptions are those limited by their medical providers.
  • Eat before you come in for a session. Eat adequately, but don't be over stuffed either.
  • We're going to be moving energy around, it helps when there's plenty of energy to move and enough room in you to move it.
  • Have fun! Healing happens with much greater ease when we are able to lighten the mood.
  • Wear underwear. Please be sure to wear undergarments to all of your acupuncture appointments.

On The Day Of Each Appointment DON'T:

  • Drink alcohol or smoke pot.
  • On the days of a treatment please abstain from alcohol and marijuana, before and after treatment.
  • These are depressants and most people's energy is already low, we're most likely going to be trying to perk up your energy.
  • Drink coffee before an acupuncture treatment.
  • We need to see your real energy, not coffee induced energy!
  • Wear a lot of makeup or any scented lotion, perfume or aftershave. Remember we diagnose your underlying imbalance through your color, odor, sound and emotion.
  • Wear a sports bras if possible, to any of your acupuncture appointments.
  • They are my nemesis when doing acupuncture on your upper body.
  • The acupuncture treatment we do on you needs to fully integrate.
  • Do any strenuous work, on any level, after receiving acupuncture.
  • Do any other forms of body work or healing on the days of treatments, or take any extremely hot or cold baths.  We don't want to overwork your energy!