Maintaining Your Balance

Finding balance through acupuncture and maintaining your balance.

Broomfield acupuncture treatment facilitating balance to the body, mind and spirit.

Reclaiming your health and authentic self through acupuncture balance and clearing.

Broomfield acupuncture providing holistic health and healing.

  • This medicine is about finding and maintaining our balance with nature.
  • Most of our ancestors lived more in accordance with the time of day, the season and themselves.
  • When we "over do" we are usually moving ourselves out of balance.
  • When we are unbalanced we are not fully aligned with our higher selves.
  • When our body, mind and spirit are not aligned issues will start to manifest on a physical level.
  • This is when we get what is referred to as a "tune up".

Cultivating your authentic self | Reminding your body of what balance is.

Broomfield acupuncture fostering healthy energetic habits to maintain balance.

  • The typical follow-up acupuncture treatment, with adjunct modalities, takes about an hour.
  • Acupuncture healing is about reminding our bodies what it feels like to be clear and balanced.
  • During the first month of healing, weekly visits are usually need for our bodies to remember the healthy energy habits we were born with.
  • During this time we also discuss how to reinforce your "energetic immune system" to keep your on the road to lifelong healing.
  • After this feeling of balance is held we start to space out acupuncture treatments as we deem necessary.

Finding your balance and maintaining your healing and well-being through holistic health.

Using acupuncture to advance your physical, emotional and spiritual development.

  • Once you feel what it is to be balanced again, you will be much more in touch with yourself and will be able to tell when you need a "tune-up".
  • Once you are satisfied with your overall sense of well-being and have found a good balance with the flow of your life and nature, we will usually only see each other when you need a  "tune-up".
  • Your "tune-up" schedule may vary, it could be every three weeks,  and then move to seasonally.
  • A seasonal "tune-up" may be thought of similarly to a dental cleaning, good preventive maintenance.
  • The more you do to stay balanced the fewer the needles and the further the time between treatments.
  • "Tune-Up's" are also spaced further depending on other modalities of healing you are receiving, such as yoga, chiropracticic, therapy or meditation.
  • Don't be discouraged or think harshly of yourself if you go from seasonally to monthly.
  • Frequency of acupuncture treatment is usually directly related to what you are dealing with in your life.
  • How often you choose to receive acupuncture treatment is also dictated by how quickly you want to resolve repetive issues in your life, whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual. 
  • The most important part of your healing process is to listen to yourself and honor what you need body, mind and spirit.