Acupuncture For Acute Medical Conditions And Illnesses

Throughout this website you have heard us talk about healing the underlying imbalance from within.  When an acute medical condition is present, it must be dealt with first.  These are the cases in which the body, mind, spirit model takes a back seat and the physical threat is dealt with.  Such cases are usually characterized by a patient under current monitoring of a medical physician with the potential hospitalization or surgery if one's health does not show immediate signs of improvement.  At no point is it ever suggested to seek only alternative options in these situations.  Acupuncture and holistic medicine may work in conjunction with allopathic medicine to improve health, but at no time should acupuncture take over in place of modern diagnostics and interventions when necessary.

  • In these senarios the alternative medicine team and the western medical team must work together.  
  • All parties need to be informed of the current day's events and prognosis.  
  • In these types of situations we are usually administering what is referred to as "acupuncture first aide" or "barefoot doctoring".  
  • This is a type of acupuncture that chooses to forgo the deeper issues and deal with the physical manifestation on the surface.  
  • In situations such as these, such treatment is necessary to regain enough bodily function to avoid invasive procedures if possible and in more extreme cases to keep the person alive.


  • It is important to remember that this is a stop gap.  
  • To bring a halt to these crisis stipulations we are stealing energy from the organs that are suffering the least from the affliction the patient presented with.  
  • Once the patient has stabilized energy must be rebalanced, toxicity cleared and the underlying cause of disease that caused the physical manifestation must be treated.  
  • If the underlying energetic condition that caused the acute condition is not addressed and the physical symptoms only muted, we run the risk of the body trying to get our attention in another way that is usually even more drastic.


  • When treating acute medical conditions with acupuncture the patient is expected to make daily acupuncture appointments until the situation is considered manageable by their specialist or attending physician.
  • The cost of acupuncture for acute illness's is dependant on the amount of time and procedures necessary per session.
  • Free 30 minute consults are provided.
  • We accept most major health insurance providers.
  • Please verify insurance eligiblity and benefits prior to appointment time when possible.
  • For a list of evidence based studies diseases and conditions effectively treated by acupuncture please see: